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Abilash Pulicken  

Compassion, empathy, and experience are the tools I bring with me to every session. As a clinician who has had the privilege of living in three countries and providing services in a number of varied settings, I’m intimately aware of the ways in which culture, environment, trauma, and spirituality can shape a person’s ability to care for their mental health. I primarily utilize emotionally-focused and cognitive-behavioral approaches in my work, but am also trained in the application of a number of other in my work with individuals and couples. Mental health is a vital component of our overall well-being. We all face struggles at some point in our lives. As a licensed psychotherapist, I strive to create a safe, nonjudgmental space where my clients can begin to heal and learn to live healthier, happier, and balanced lives.

Populations Served:

Individuals (adolescents and adults)


Business Name:

Garuda Counseling


Telehealth Only

Telephone: (762)- 338-0104

Services Provided:

  • Individual Counseling 

  • Couples Counseling 

Issues Addressed:

Acculturation, grief, depression, trauma, anxiety, addiction.

Languages Spoken:



Insurances Accepted: 


Sliding Scale:  

Limited spots available

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