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     Your Desi Helpline is a free confidential helpline for the South Asian population to get information about mental health care issues. Any information you share with us will be kept confidential but we are legally and ethically required to break confidentiality under specific conditions. The requirement to break confidentiality is based on the need to keep individuals safe and to protect vulnerable populations.The information you share with us is at your discretion, we do not share, verify, or follow up on any information you provide. 

     However, if you share information that suggests you are going to harm yourself or another person, then we must break confidentiality and report the potential risk of harm in order to keep the individual(s) safe. If you share information relating to mental, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse currently occurring or having the potential to occur to a member of a protected/vulnerable population then we must break confidentiality to report the abuse in order to keep the individual(s) safe. Protected/vulnerable populations include persons who are: under the age of 18, elderly, sick, and individuals with physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities. 

Our Relationship With You

     We do not provide counseling to help you work through your problem, therefore, our relationship with you is not a therapeutic relationship. If you choose to access services from a mental health care provider, then your therapeutic relationship will be with them. A therapeutic relationship is developed between a therapist and client with a view to bringing about a desired change for the client. A therapeutic relationship includes essential components that enhance the effectiveness of treatment and the promotion of change. It is built on non-judgement, confidentiality, trust, empathy, acceptance, safety, and therapeutic goals.

     Our relationship with you is educational. Our goal is to provide you with information to help you make more informed decisions about getting help for your problem(s). We do not offer advice, therefore, we do not take responsibility for the decisions you make regarding the services you access.

     We do not contact providers on your behalf, you are responsible for accessing the resources you need. We do not contact any other third party on your behalf. We only work with the individual who has contacted Your Desi Helpline to provide information to assist them. 

Diagnosis & Treatment

     Your Desi Helpline will not provide a diagnosis for your problem and as such cannot advise an appropriate treatment plan. A comprehensive health history is required to make a valid diagnosis. We will limit the information we explore with you to what will be sufficient to help us direct you to appropriate services. Our aim is to guide you in the direction of the most appropriate services based on the information you provide. The diagnosis and treatment plan determined by your chosen health care provider is solely between you and the provider.   

Referral Resources

    Your Desi Helpline offers a list of mental health professionals of South Asian decent for your convenience. Participation on the referral list is entirely free and voluntary.  The information furnished by the provider or organization is taken in good faith, we do not conduct follow up checks to verify their details. We rely on the provider to inform us of any changes after they have been added to our referral list, however, if you experience difficulty contacting the provider please let us know. Provider websites are a good source of additional information to understand if they are a good match for you. Additionally, you may visit the Georgia Composite Licensing Board if you need to verify the status of any provider’s professional license to practice.

     We do not receive any compensation from any provider listed on our website for any referrals they receive as a result of  Your Desi Helpline services.  There is also no reciprocal agreement with the providers for special rates for those seeking their services as a result of finding them on our website.  Fees for services are purely at the discretion of the provider and any arrangements agreed are solely between the provider and the client.


     Your Desi Helpline is not responsible for any events related to the services you receive once you have begun working with a provider.  

Data Confidentiality

     Non-identifying data will be collected to track the use of our services. The data will be used to better understand the mental health care needs of our community in order to improve the services we provide to support them. No identifying data will be shared outside of Your Desi Helpline. 

     Your Desi Helpline telephone service is contracted through Spruce. It complies with HIPAA regulations for protecting confidentiality. 

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