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     Everyone experiences anxiety at certain times and it can have a productive role. It reminds us that we are conscientious, we care about the outcome and it encourages us to do that little bit extra. It is a temporary experience and we return to a comfortable state once we have dealt with the situation. However, at certain times anxiety can get the better of us for various reasons and it is difficult to return to a comfortable state of being. At these times, we may need a little extra support to help us out. There are lots of resources available to us, take a look to see what can help you.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Learn to Make it Manageable

Surinder Bal, PhD

     It’s normal for us to feel overwhelmed from time to time but sometimes this can make us feel anxious – and there’s nothing comfortable about anxiety!

     When we’re anxious, we’re worried about things we see as being out of our control or we’re worried about not having the ability to achieve a certain outcome. When this is the case, we say our control center sits outside of ourselves – things external to us need to be right for us to feel good, so we feel helpless when they are not how we want them to be.

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