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License Type and Number:


Currently working under the supervision of Dr. Anna Trad. This is her license number. 

Alia Azmat 


I am a Pakistani-American-Muslim woman of color. I have experience working teens and adults around anxiety, depression, PTSD, intergenerational grief/loss, self-esteem, and sexual and spiritual abuse. In session, I ask questions about how emotions were talked about in your family, social spaces you feel connected and disconnected from, and the impact of "should" statements on your well-being. Individuals who enjoy working with me are often individuals making sense of who they are and their place in the world and individuals processing transitions (moving to a new place, starting a new job, divorce, graduating college, etc.)

I work primarily from Interpersonal Process (IPT), Relational-Cultural (RCT) and Feminist-Womanist framework. However, I also integrate skills from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). This means we will explore attachment wounds, internalized, interpersonal, and institutional oppression, and focus treatment on your relationship with yourself and others.

You can expect our first few sessions to include learning about one another, building trust, and helping me understand how I can support you. As we continue to work together, I will challenge you to reflect on your role in relationships, how you are connected to your body, mind, and spirit, and how to live life with intention.

Populations Served:

Adults 18+

Business Name:

Alia Azmat


1244 Clairmont Road,

Suite 204,

Decatur, GA 30030

Telephone: : (470) 206-2115

Services Provided:

Individual therapy (Georgia only), monthly wellness workshops (any state)

Issues Addressed:

Identity and culture, anxiety, depression, PTSD, chronic illness, family of origin/interpersonal relationships.


1. Healing from Internalized Patriarchy (will start September 2022)

 2. Wellness 101 (will start October 2022)

Both are one-time monthly workshops with facilitated group discussion. They are NOT therapy groups.  

Languages Spoken:



Insurances Accepted: None 

I do not take insurance at this time.

Sliding Scale: $130-$180 

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